EZ Scrap Metal Recycling Services is your ultimate source for turn-key demolition and facility decommissioning solutions. Our employees are rigorously trained to dismantle equipment, machinery, and tanks. Uphold your responsibilities to the environment, and let our experienced team help you vacate your lot in Chicago, and neighboring areas.


Our demolition crew is ready to take on any job you have in mind. In addition, we have all the equipment necessary to completely demolish and dismantle your defunct facility. We have a complete fleet of cranes, loaders, excavators, and trucks.


Undertaking a demolition project is a resource-intensive endeavor. When you hire us, you work with a company that strives to keep your project costs to a minimum. As a value-added feature, we also provide credit for all scrap metal acquired from your project.


Working with an industrial demolition company makes the process easier, faster, and more cost-effective. As specialists in the industrial demolition field, we start all of our contracts by developing a comprehensive demolition strategy. This helps to ensure that the work is completed according to schedule and to your specifications.

Working with a demolition service is also safer. Our fully equipped and trained team can navigate the hazards of a demo site, reducing the risk of injury to your personnel, as well as mitigating any unnecessary damage to the remaining equipment and machinery that needs to be reclaimed from the site. Utilizing specialized tools and techniques, our demolition teams can destroy and remove large structures and infrastructural components. Parts that can be reused —, like pipes, metal scrap, wood paneling, and more —, will be carefully categorized and sorted.

Finally, our demolition teams are thorough and careful. They’ll complete the demolition with exacting precision. This ensures that the demolition is complete and meets your needs, while also eliminating any loose ends or lingering questions.

Why Use a Local Demolition Service

Demolishing a building or facility takes more than a few enthusiastic employees with sledge hammers. To be done in a thorough and environmentally conscious manner, you’ll need to work with a local demolition company.

Here at EZ Scrap Metal Recycling Services, all of our demolition procedures are completed according to local regulations and laws. This means we have the right licsensces, training, and experience to get the job done. We’ll also help with permitting.

By partnering with us, you’re also getting our years of knowledge and skill. This means that your demolition project will be a carefully controlled and managed one. Only the designated structures will be destroyed, with no adverse affects on buildings nearby or to the surrounding environment.

We also offer the best prices on the reclaimed materials we create during the demolition. Selling us your leftover scrap metal and industrial waste is a great way to offset the costs of the demolition itself.

Contact us today to find out more about our decommissioning services in Chicago!