When the effective usefulness of your facility is coming to an end, it’s time to consider utilizing a decommissioning service. At EZ Scrap Metal Recycling Services, we have the skills and experience necessary to effectively close your facility or prepare it to be moved.

The Advantages of Decommissioning a Structure

There is a myriad of reasons to decommission a building. It may be to protect the structure and its systems, or the surrounding environment. It may also serve as a way to limit costs, mitigate the potential for risks, or to prepare the building for a new purpose.

Strategic Decommissioning in Chicago

As the needs of your business change, so do your needs for certain equipment, machinery, and facilities. Closing and dismantling a facility takes more than simply locking the doors and then tearing them down. In order to make the decommissioning process cost-effective and environmentally conscious, there needs to be some planning in place. Our scrap metal recycling and dismantling specialists are happy to help you develop a well thought-out process that will make the decommissioning of a factory, warehouse, or distribution facility streamlined and simple.

We can help prepare your building for decommissioning by:

  • Shutting down and disconnecting utilities, HVAC, and security systems
  • Limiting exposure to the elements
  • Temporarily reinforcing weakened structures and supports
  • Removing hazardous materials or built up debris
  • Recycling scrap metal

Sensible Recycling Makes Decommissioning Easy

We’re advocates of reusing and recycling as many of the materials that are being decommissioned or dismantled. Once your facility has been decommissioned, we can offer you premium pricing on all kinds of material. We purchase scrap metal in any quantity and offer the best prices in the Chicago area. Selling us your excess scrap metal is a great way to ensure that these materials are efficiently recycled and reused in future projects.

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