EZ Scrap Metal Recycling Services specializes in the disposal and recycling of transformers and electrical equipment. We offer the service of recycling used transformer oil and resell that oil as a blend-grade or transformer-grade oil. Our company accepts equipment and oil with any PCB level. Rely on us to remove the liability associated with the disposal of electrical equipment and dielectric fluid. We are industry leaders in safely recycling PCB transformers and oils, as well as Non-PCB materials. Non-PCB and PCB-Contaminated equipment is disposed of through our custom-designed furnace. We proudly serve customers in Chicago, Illinois, and the surrounding areas.


EZ provides dismantling of substation equipment, scheduling roll offs or disposing and recycling transformers. We specialize in assisting our customers by disposing of their retired and failed electrical equipment, inventory, and retired wire at competitive rates. Our knowledgeable team follows EPA regulations and properly recycles hazardous waste, providing proof of total destruction. In addition to recycling substation transformers, we also remove and recycle many other types of substation equipment.


After performing routine maintenance and replacements, your used electrical equipment is still marketable. We provide dumpsters and bins for your site. Whether it’s new or used, we buy and sell all types of utility equipment, including:

  • Tanks
  • Fuses
  • Wire Reels
  • ACSR Wire
  • Brass Meters
  • Copper Weld
  • Insulated Wire
  • Electric Motors
  • Breakers & Panels
  • Oil Circuit Breakers
  • Voltage Regulators
  • Bus Ducts
  • Switches & Switch Gear
  • Potential & Current Transformers


We take pride in our ecological footprint across the United States and maintain a reputation for safely removing equipment from substations and industrial facilities. Count on us to provide satisfactory services and excellent scrap market pricing, which maximize your return on transformer recycling. We provide on-site transformer tear-down and recycling and oil recycling handling. Our team handles a variety of transformers ranging from 1KVA to 1000MVA.